The Lifecycle of SharePoint

April 25, 2012

Bjorn Furuknap is a longstanding SharePoint blogger and expert.  His piece, “Could SharePoint 2013 be SharePoint 2012?” is not notable so much for its predictions as it is for its explanation of the SharePoint lifecycle of development.  Furuknap’s hypothesis, which he ultimately refutes, is that the projected release of SharePoint 2013 could in fact be a SharePoint 2012 release, flouting the traditional three-year cycle.

He explains:

I know the cycle at Microsoft says it should be three years between a major Office release, but with the state of completion of Windows 8, and with the new Metro interface making an appearance, perhaps Microsoft aims to get Office 15 out as soon as possible, maybe even in 2012.  It wouldn’t make any sense to leave SharePoint behind then. Microsoft would want the Office client suite to take advantage of the latest and greatest, and that leads me to believe that if Office comes out named 2012, then SharePoint will be so too.

From this we see that the Microsoft web is tightly woven with many interconnecting parts.  With Furuknap’s article a bit dated, we are now more certain that SharePoint 2013 will indeed be SharePoint 2013, even if released in 2012.  But what is interesting is the tight lid that Microsoft keeps, rigidly scheduling updates even when other competing technologies have passed them by.

Take Fabasoft Mindbreeze for instance.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze is a third-party vendor offering a suite of solutions including Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise.  Standing alone or working in tandem with an existing SharePoint infrastructure, Mindbreeze works hard to meet the intuitive needs of its users.  Updates are released quarterly for on-site installations, the latest edition being Spring 2012.  Updates are even more frequent for Cloud users.

If third party vendors are responding to customers’ needs quickly, releasing updates to keep pace with competing and complimentary technologies, we think Microsoft could make it a point to do the same thing.  In the meantime, explore the offerings by Fabasoft Mindbreeze and see if they can provide the efficiency and flexibility your organization needs.

Emily Rae Aldridge, April 25, 2012

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