Siemens’ Newest Software Focuses on Data Management

April 26, 2012

In a constantly changing world economy the need for product lifecycle management (PLM) for almost every industry is becoming more and more evident.  This need is driving PLM providers to continually change and improve their PLM solutions to meet the needs of clients.  Siemens PLM, one of the leaders in the industry, has recently released Teamcenter 9 with vital components to better support the onslaught of data that can choke unprepared companies.

A recent Market Watch article, “Siemens PLM Software Introduces Teamcenter 9; Enables Better Decision Making in Product Development”, explains the changes to Siemens’ newest Teamcenter version and how it relates to end users.

“…(B)ecause today’s products often have multiple options and variations, Teamcenter content management supports configuration-driven documentation that reuses common components of text, graphics and meta-data. This provides efficient, context-based multi-channel publishing to support the need for multi-media delivery on different devices and in multiple languages to support global markets.”

The need for content management is not new.  In fact other PLM providers have focused their entire software lines on such data management issues.  Inforbix, another PLM provider with an excellent reputation in customer support, believes that enabling clients to find, share and reuse data is the key to PLM success.  By basing their software solutions on this principle they have grown into a highly respected and influential leader in the PLM community.

Catherine Lamsfuss, April 26, 2012


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