Recommind Gets a Boost With Magistrate’s Ruling

April 27, 2012

It is amazing what a difference support from a public figure can do for a company. In the article, Plaintiffs move to recuse Peck in predictive coding case, now suggesting his financial link to Recommind | we are provided with a fine example of the power of presentation.

Recommind received some fantastic publicity after this:

“On February 8, Peck ordered the parties in open court to adopt an e-discovery protocol devised by Recommind that implements its technology. He memorialized this order by a written opinion two weeks later.

Recommind called the opinion an instant sensation and a game-changer. In one fell swoop, Judge Peck likely had as big an impact as thousands before him who spent years working to lift the eDiscovery industry out of its inefficient, antiquated, overly manual and keyword-centric past.”

Though eDiscovery was initially having some issues, this magistrate’s positive re-enforcement of their policies seems to be providing them with a more solid reputation. Peck has went to bat for them by speaking publically at events and supported their programs without hesitation.

Even though Recommind is also receiving some negative publicity, Peck seems to be evening out the odds. It has been said, no publicity is bad publicity, and that saying rings true concerning the eDiscovery suits. The fact of the matter is Recommind is getting a boost from a magistrate’s ruling.

Jennifer Shockley, April 27, 2012

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