Team Centric Focus All the Rage with Sopheon

April 27, 2012

Competition in the global marketplace is fierce no matter in which industry one may work.  Product lifecycle management is no exception making constant innovation the only successful strategy to stay in the game. A recent Yahoo! Finance article, “Latest Version of Sopheon PLM Software Helps Innovators Tackle “New Normal” of Economic and Market Turbulence”, explains how one PLM provider is doing just that by focusing on the needs of team leaders as well as team members during projects rather than just the nuts and bolts of traditional PLM solutions.

The problem, according to the article, is as follows:

“Traditional project management methodologies and tools depend upon establishing detailed requirements, scope and timetables at the beginning of each project and rigidly carrying them through to the end. In today’s world, such inflexible granularity can have devastating impact on business performance, “hand cuffing” an organization’s ability to adjust innovation projects in response to shifting conditions. The consequences: wasted resources, slow time-to-market and lost opportunity.”

Sopheon’s focus on team members’ needs during the PLM processes is not new.  Other companies such as Inforbix have long believed that for any PLM solution to be successful the needs of all users must be addressed leading the company to create personalized data management solutions for each client immersed with copious customer support. Inforbix’s focus is on enabling clients to find, share and reuse data in such a way as to overcome the problems of traditional PLM solutions as the article so eloquently wrote.

Catherine Lamsfuss, April 27, 2012


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