SLI Systems Inks a Deal With Magento

April 29, 2012

Everyone knows that ease of access is indeed the key to a successful business, in particular one that specializes in e-commerce, like Ebay. In the article, SLI Systems Partners with Magento, Extends Learning Search Connect – MarketWatch we learn that finding your preferred purchase is about to get a lot easier when shopping online.

Being user friendly is a key, and:

“Search is a key feature of any e-commerce website, and greatly influences the overall visitor experience,” said Ed Hoffman, vice president of global business and corporate development for SLI Systems. Through search technology that learns from customer behavior, retailers can maximize site usability and conversions. Our new extension for Magento clients will allow them to capture significant ROI benefits while bolstering brand loyalty and adding more to the bottom line.”

SLI Systems is a company that provides users with customized site-search navigation, for user-generated SEO. Their techniques allow businesses the power to enhance their customer service without the use of representatives, thus providing customer satisfaction and increased sales.

Magento has become one of the fastest growing eCommerce platforms. They utilize open source eCommerce solutions that provide flexibility along with functionality and control over content and presentation. SLI Systems made the right choice when they inked a deal with Magento (a unit of eBay).

Jennifer Shockley, April 29, 2012

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