eDiscovery Costs are Frustrating

April 30, 2012

Here is a not-so-surprising revelation recently reported by Inside Counsel: most users are frustrated with the cost of eDiscovery.

The article, “New Study Says Cost is Most Frustrating Factor in eDiscovery,” reveals the results of a survey by consulting company FTI Technology. The survey covered ways to streamline and reduce the cost of eDiscovery. The company interviewed 31 in-house counsels with eDiscovery responsibilities and asked them for their thoughts. The verdict? Users are not happy. The article reports:

“*94% of respondents found the cost of e-discovery “frustrating”

*87% of respondents used an early case assessment to try to resolve matters earlier

*81% of respondents brought software in house, which helps to cut costs on law firm or service provider fees

*52% of respondents brought staff in house to help reduce fees spent on law firms or service providers

*32% of respondents used clustering or visualization tools to speed review along (down from 34% in 2010)”

A full copy of FTI’s report is available here.

In our view, what matters in search is cost and user satisfaction. There does not seem to be much progress in the last few years, especially considering that the report also comments that most companies are not even aware of their spending habits.

Andrea Hayden, April 30, 2012

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