Samir Batla Discusses Cloud Based Content Analytics

April 30, 2012

Text Analytics News recently shared an interesting podcast on their site called “Employ the Cloud for Efficient Content Analytics” as part of their text analytics podcast series leading up to the upcoming text mining conference scheduled for June 12 through 13 in Boston.

In part three of the series Samir Batla, the Principal Product Manager of Search & Analytics for EMC Corporation explains some of the technical aspects and business advantages of performing content analysis in the cloud along with some of the risks associated with performing cloud-based text analytics. Batla also offers tools on how to determine the best approach for operating your content analytics solution in the cloud.

According to Batla, 90% of our digital universe is unstructured content and 91 percent of IP traffic will be video by 2014 and it will take 72 million hours to view that content. Content is exploding and people who create solutions need to combine their own technical expertise with the needs of their users.

When discussing the difference between Enterprise IT and the public cloud Batla states:

“With Enterprise IT the message today is that it is complex and it is expensive and not flexible. However, it is trusted and you can control it. It’s reliable and secure. The public cloud is flexible and dynamic and it is low cost but there is no control or security.”

For those interested in getting an in depth look at  the pros and cons of the various types of cloud solutions available, this is an excellent podcast to listen to.

Jasmine Ashton, April 30, 2012

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