Chinese Toy Manufactures Tackle Safety with Oracle Software

May 16, 2012

Many industries have turned to PLM to streamline processes, reduce redundancies and lower the cost of production but a recent Computer World article, “HK Firm Ensures Toy Safety with PLM Tool”, sheds light on an entirely different purpose for PLM within the manufacturing industry – safety.  China has long been one of the leading manufacturers of children’s toys but safety concerns have caused some Chinese manufacturers to restructure their entire enterprises.

The adoption of Oracle PLM solutions has helped WahShing Toys make their toys safer. As the article explains,

“…(Takao Kubo, executive director of the R&D, engineering and QA departments at WahShing Toys) said they are aiming to shorten the time required for toy debugging and fine tuning by one month after implementing Agile. He added the company has currently completed phase two of the project, which is to manage workload and scheduling for the different engineering teams. As they enter the third phase: integrating Agile with the company’s ERP system–also supported by Oracle–Kubo expects to achieve cost-efficiency.”

Manufacturing companies have long benefited from PLM to increase production time but the implications of adding a safety component will be far reaching.  In fact, as more cloud based PLM solutions are entering the business arena companies will continually find new and creative ways to make the platforms work to their advantage.  PLM solutions providers are taking full advantage of advances in cloud and open source technologies to make these dreams realities for companies of all sizes.

Catherine Lamsfuss, May 16, 2012



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