Manufacturing Made Easy with Well Planned Lifecycle Management

May 29, 2012

The theory of product lifecycle management (PLM) is simple in nature – all aspects of a products design, manufacturing, and longevity are planned and plotted before the idea becomes reality.  In actuality, however, things are rarely as simple as they seem.  A recent Plant Engineering article, “Manufacturing, By Design”, highlights one companies answer to the problem of how to make PLM work right.

The article accurately summarizes the issue most enterprises face when it comes to PLM:

“When you throw theory or software at an idea like (PLM), solutions come quicker than implementation. In the end, what matters in (PLM) is not the beginning, middle, or end of a manufacturing process, but how those phases of life connect.”

The answer? According to Vice President of North American operations for Fluke Corp., Kristi Mosman:

“’People think it’s an easy process. It’s not. It’s a challenge.’” The challenge for Mosman, and for Fluke’s design and marketing teams, is to combine those phases into a single manufacturing process from bright idea to final shipment.”

Many companies, especially small and midsized ones, avoid PLM all together because of the difficulties which traditionally have been a part of the process.  Educating decision makers in the latest cloud-based technologies and solutions as well as how PLM is rapidly changing to be more user-friendly is the goal of Fluke Corporation and others, like Inforbix.  Catering to the small business Inforbix offers customized PLM solutions with an emphasis on customer support and training in an effort to reverse the negative image PLM providers have earned over the years.

Catherine Lamsfuss, May 29, 2912



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