SLI Systems Introduces a Quick View Function

May 30, 2012

The SLI Systems blog recently reported on a new window function for retail websites in the article, “Quick View Windows Evolve to Satisfy Curious Shoppers.”

According to the article, Quick View window is still a rare feature on many online retail sites, however it is gaining popularity. The way it works is Quick View buttons will appear once a shopper hovers over an item on search or category pages. They hover over product images on search or category pages.  When they click, a pop-up windows appears that displays more details about that product.

The article states:

“The Quick View window is designed to improve the online shopping experience by making it faster for customers to shop.  Anything to reduce the number of clicks to get an item into the cart is generally a good thing.  If a Quick View window can satisfy a curious shopper, it will save them a full page load of the product detail page and the click of a back button and another page load to return to their search results.  This can save a bunch of time and actually foster more curiosity in customers.”

Some shoppers find the process to be quite cumbersome, since they have to hover over a product for the button to appear, but retailers have tried a variety of different solutions to aid these issues. One solution has been to place the Quick View button below the product image so that it is always visible.

Regardless of the different approaches, adding a quick view button to any online retail website is bound to ensure more informed customers and higher sales.

Jasmine Ashton, May 30, 2012

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