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June 4, 2012

In “SharePoint Log: When Databases Rebel,” Robert Schifreen looks at how one user can generate 16 gigabytes of logs in just three months. The article is the ninth part of a larger SharePoint 2010 series chronicling a SharePoint deployment at the ZDNet Blog.

Schifreen has this to say about navigating the growing amounts of data:

Microsoft markets a separate SharePoint add-on product called FAST Search, and likes to imply that no successful SharePoint installation is complete without it. In practice, from what I have read, it seems that FAST is unnecessary unless you have tens of millions of documents to index. Otherwise, SharePoint’s out-of-the-box indexing system will crawl the full text of all your documents (you’ll need to download a free ifilter, as it’s called, to crawl PDF files) perfectly well.

But he goes on to add:

There’s a handful of things missing from the standard search, such as having the number of hits displayed in brackets within the search results page, and there are no thumbnail previews of search results, but nothing that is sufficiently must-have to warrant the added expense or complication of learning yet another Microsoft technology.

We know SharePoint is a complex and beneficial system for content management, but we also know there are gaps in the out-of-the-box search feature. But you don’t have to learn a new Microsoft technology or settle for less. Consider a third party solution developed and devoted specifically to search, like Fabasoft Mindbreeze. Their Web Parts based information pairing capabilities give you powerful searches and a complete picture of your business information, allowing you to get the most out of your enterprise search investments. And your end users will benefit from the fast and intuitive search with clearly displayed results and simple navigation.

Creating relevant knowledge means processing data in a comprehensible form and utilizing relations between information objects. Data is sorted according to type and relevance. The enterprise search for professionals.

Mindbreeze’s intuitiveness also means less training required. They have tutorials and wikis that are easy to use and more efficient. Here you can browse Mindbreeze’s support tools for users, including videos, FAQs, wikis, and other training options. Check out the full suite of solutions at Fabasoft Mindbreeze.

Philip West, June 4, 2012

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