Inteltrax: Top Stories, May 28 to June 1

June 4, 2012

Inteltrax, the data fusion and business intelligence information service, captured three key stories germane to search this week, specifically, what is hot and trending in big data these days.

The first answer came from our story, “Dashboard Data Analytics Hot” which showcases the many ways in which increased usability is increasing big data’s popularity.

Also, “The Next Great Data Gold Mine” looks a little deeper into what we already know, social media is going to be huge for analytics.

Finally, “Analytic Healthcare Contests Boom” showed that many of the health field’s biggest problems are being solved by analytic contests.

The rapidly evolving world of big data is always in flux. What’s hot today might be cold next week. But know we’ll be taking the industry’s temperature every day to stay atop all the exciting changes.

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Patrick Roland, Editor, Inteltrax.

June 4, 2012


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