Final Considerations During a SharePoint Deployment Project

June 7, 2012

Robert Schifreen spent around eight months deploying and chronicling a SharePoint implementation project. In the twelfth and final installment of his SharePoint 2010 series, “SharePoint Deployment: The Final Chapter,” Schifreen highlights final configurations and the unavoidable prospect of going live. Schifreen summarizes the experience:

So where are we now? My two-server test farm is long since gone, and is now a proper six-server, three-tier farm that’s almost working the way we want. After that, and some user testing, duplicating my efforts on the production farm should be relatively straightforward. Then it’s a case of migrating users’ data from our existing network shares, at which point we can begin to roll out a working SharePoint environment for all our staff.

Longer term, we have great plans for what we hope will become a core strategic service for all staff and students. We’ll be looking for SharePoint development skills within the next year or two, as we begin to create a true intranet and portal that means our users have just a single point of entry into all our systems. Our intranet will evolve from a document collection into a proper intranet/portal.

Schifreen adds this comment about user challenges:

We’re conscious that the biggest complaint from users about our existing intranet and document repositories is that people can’t find what they’re looking for, so conversations these days include “taxonomy” or “managed metadata” in every sentence. Frequently both.

Schifreen’s series may be a valuable one to follow if you’ve been involved with a SharePoint implementation and deployment project. We also know that user complaints about search in SharePoint are not isolated to the deployment stage. Gaps in the out-of-the-box SharePoint search feature have many users turning to a third party solution. We like the feedback we’ve seen about Fabasoft Mindbreeze. With clear navigation and a self-explanatory interface, Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise facilitates findability.

Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise finds every scrap of information within a very short time, whether document, contract, note, e-mail or calendar entry, in intranet or internet, person- or text-related. The software solution finds all required information, regardless of source, for its users. Get a comprehensive overview of corporate knowledge in seconds without redundancy or loss of data.

While discussion about SharePoint user-adoption seems to be a constant among the community, Mindbreeze can save employees time by connecting them to the right information now via a user-friendly interface. Navigate to to read more.

Philip West, June 7, 2012

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