Search Appliance MaxxCAT Speed Test

June 8, 2012

MaxxCAT has a created speed test where prospective customers can see just how their “lightning fast” search appliances compare to their Googley rivals. They pit their SB-250 against Google Mini, and the heftier EX-5000 against Google Search Appliance version GB-7007. The page instructs:

“Use the drop-down list of queries, or enter new search terms to experience the different search performance demonstrated by this network search comparison. . . . Users of the enterprise search comparison will discover that the entry-level SB-250 and Enterprise-level EX-5000 network search appliances return results with lightning speed, saving time – which translates to dollars for businesses and enterprises. It is important to note that during the search appliance comparison, as the Google mini and Google Search Appliance reach their maximum capacity, the SB-250 and EX-5000 still have enough space for collections three times as large as those in the demo.”

That’s quite an assertion, but is difficult for me to gauge because, as of this writing, the MaxxCAT results are not displaying when I click “show results” (oops). Their products did clock in faster, but that means little without that list.

If the company’s claims are accurate, though, their products are well worth a look. According to their cost and features chart, MaxxCAT’s “startup costs” are considerably less than Google’s comparable offerings. However, just what goes into calculating these “startup costs” is left to the imagination. Do some research before hitching to this wagon.

Based in Pittsburg, PA, MaxxCAT was founded in 2007 to capitalize on the high-performance, specialized hardware corner of the enterprise search market. The company also provides integration services and managed hosting, and they pride themselves on quick and painless deployment. MaxxCAT believes in keeping it simple, silly, but still incorporates customer input into its products. Their developers come equipped with experience in the search and systems integration fields.

Cynthia Murrell, June 8, 2012

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