EasyAsk Product Announced As a Cool Vendor

June 11, 2012

A new, “cool,” vendor has been announced in a list of Cool Vendors in the Analytics and Business Intelligence, 2012 report by Garner, Inc.

According to the article, “EasyAsk Named ‘Cool Vendor’ by Leading Analyst Firm,” EasyAsk’s Siri-like mobile app for corporate data is one to note. The app, named Quiri, combines voice and NLP to provide a usable, and apparently “cool,” user-experience. A video demonstration of the product is available here. The article states:

“Quiri offers users Siri-like built-in speech recognition and natural language processing, allowing users to conveniently speak their business questions and get immediate answers to business questions. Users tap a microphone button, speak a request and Quiri retrieves the answer from existing corporate data.

EasyAsk eCommerce search and merchandising software – available on-premise or as a service (SaaS) – leads the industry in customer conversion by providing the right products on the first page, every time.”

We find this to be an interesting angle for a product spotlight. We aren’t sure if this is a pay-to-play write-up or an objective analysis. We also aren’t sure what “cool” means when referring to a product’s usability, but look forward to seeing more from EasyAsk.

Andrea Hayden, June 11, 2012

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