Inteltrax: Top Stories, June 11 to June 15

June 18, 2012

Inteltrax, the data fusion and business intelligence information service, captured three key stories germane to search this week, specifically, how governments and the voting public are utilizing big data.

In “Government Leads Way in Big Data Training” we discovered the private sector lagging behind the government in terms of user education.

Our story, “U.S. Agencies Analytics Underused” showed that even though we have all that training, some agencies still need more to fully utilize this digital power.

Cultural Opinion Predicted by Analytics” used the Eurovision song contest to show us the power of people using analytics and gives the nugget of thought as to how this could be used in government elections.

While sometimes the outcomes contradict one another, there’s no denying that big data analytics is a huge part of governments around the world. Expect these facts to only rise as the popularity catches fire.

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Patrick Roland, Editor, Inteltrax.

June 18, 2012


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