Yippy and MuseGlobal Get Hitched. Yippy. Er, Hooray.

June 21, 2012

Take a unified search company known for its clustering technology (Yippy) and mix with a leading provider of content integration and data virtualization services (MuseGlobal). The results, according to a recent press release, will be a powerful unified access to a huge data cloud of curated content.

Carnegie Mellon University developed the award-winning deep research engine now known as Yippy.com. Yippy acquired the software in 2010, along with a perpetual license for advanced enterprise software solution Velocity. That’s where Yippy’s patented clustering methods come from.

MuseGlobal claims to maintain the largest and most versatile library of content connections in the world. The company has built a fully documented source factory that monitors, maintains, and updates connectors constantly, boosting sustainability and scalability. Muse Smart Connectors are available out-of-the-box for content federation and harvesting, in any format and across any location.

The press release declares:

“The merger of Yippy and MuseGlobal combines two wholly synergistic companies that bring together an exclusive and vast range of resources and abilities that no other search or information-based company in the world possesses including majors such as Google, Microsoft and HP/Autonomy. The combined companies will create an information cloud that will represent a significant shift in the business of enterprise, vertical and consumer search with unlimited consumer and commercial uses.  The Companies’ registered trademark ‘Welcome to the Cloud’ embodies its combined data virtualization initiatives.”

The merger will increase the number of issued and outstanding common shares from 53 million to approximately 67 million. MuseGlobal was founded in the UK in 1998, and became a commercial entity in 2001. The company is now based in San Francisco, CA. Yippy makes its home in Fort Meyers, FL, and prides itself on its strong Web search privacy stance—it neither tracks nor save users’ information, including search history. The merged company will employ about 50 workers in four countries.

Cynthia Murrell, June 21, 2012

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