Could Sepaton Have Duped the Deduping Competition?

June 23, 2012

Sepaton just called ‘game over ‘on de-duplication competitors. Their newly released software will open doors for database de-duping the likes of which have never been seen, according to Sepaton Update Tackles Large-Enterprise Database Deduplication.

Additional storage options are always welcomed by customers, so Symantec’s clients should be content. The DeltaStor DbeXtreme should provide the flexibility to make some interesting waves in the industry.

Jason Buffington of Enterprise Strategy Group stated:

“If you ask a DBA how to best back up large data sets, they will tell you to ‘turn ON multi-streaming. Customers don’t have to choose between multi-streaming, multiplexing and capacity reduction through higher de-dupe. Sepaton’s customers can set data reduction ratios and storage utilization by client and backup job.”

This is a software only release for now, but storage and servers will become available within the next six months to a year. At that point customers will see an extreme boost in performance and security. They have been testing for a while and based on initial trials the software performance increases by a factor of 2 and throughout by 20%, so there is room for improvement.

The DeltaStor DbeXtreme software is unique because it eliminates tradeoffs between the backup performance and de-duplication process. Their database de-duplication doesn’t use hashing, but instead analyzes the data after receipt while it’s gathered in the storage pool. Thus, it eliminates redundant elements while many other solutions just can’t do that. If this software functions up to expectations, than Sepaton duped the competition.

Jennifer Shockley, June 23, 2012

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