Comperio Provides a Safety Net at SharePoint

June 27, 2012

Entering a Misspelled word during internet search can lead to a few moments of irritation, but in the business world things become even more complicated. Typing one wrong letter can often send users spiraling downward towards a promotional disaster. Fortunately, some providers are hanging up a few safety nets to prevent the fall.

Microsoft just revamped Bing to recognize common errors during internet search.  According to, ‘Bing reveals efforts to help with human search errors Bing will remember key words and phrases most frequently used. To correct issues the search feature itself was altered as:

“We used to show synonyms as part of our recourse links and this would open up some surface area for showing alterations. The query “define interesting” highlights an example where the recourse link was unnecessary.  In this case, showing the Recourse Link didn’t enhance the experience. We’ve removed the Recourse Links in cases where we are very confident that they add little value or distract users.”

Basically, Microsoft created a net to catch errors in advance and Comperio can implement similar functions within SharePoint using Fast technology. The safety net Comperio provides can help catch users before they fall into the uncomfortable realm of presentation faux pas.  They can customize the programming towards the specific needs of the business to increase efficiency.

Comperio is respected worldwide as experts on search driven solutions and search enabled business models. Comperio told Beyond Search:

“We serve their clients with innovative services and products in order to create truly engaging user experiences. We allow users to not only find what they are looking for but also discover information and surface new insights from relationships across data and content.”

For more information about Comperio, visit the firm’s Web site at

Jennifer Shockley, June 27, 2012

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