CIMdata Releases White Paper Identifying Industry Weakness

July 6, 2012

Within the manufacturing industry one constant need is a company’s ability to adapt and allow model changes.  A recent article titled, “CIMdata Publishes New White Paper ‘CAD Selection Considerations:  Design Changes’”, on, explains the premise for one of the world’s leading PLM providers’, CIMdata, latest white paper.

The article explains the fundamental problem facing many enterprises:

“Innovation in product development relies heavily on the fundamental engineering cycle of modify and improve, so most new products are built from changes made to existing products. The modeling tools most beneficial to product designers must align to that cycle and should contain a wealth of rapid and flexible editing methods. When selecting a modeling suite, prospective users must assess their past New Product Introduction experiences and compile a list of their most important and impactful needs.”

At the core of their argument is a desperate need for new data management solutions tying together the various departments, often spread out around the globe, enabling such changes as mentioned to be made smoothly and quickly.  For that reason we recommend that those companies finding themselves shopping for new PLM solutions contact Inforbix, a company dedicated to enabling their clients to ‘find, reuse and share product data’.  CIMdata’s white paper is probably right on the money as far as highlighting this deficit in many PLM solutions which is why we recommend those struggling with data management go straight to the best for new solutions.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 6, 2012


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