Twitter Search and Discovery Overhaul

July 9, 2012

Twitter’s search and discovery side is about to get a significant upgrade, according to The Next Web’s “Twitter Is Poised to Overhaul Its Search and Discovery Features.” Writer Jon Russell points to a tweet (naturally) from Twitter engineer Pankaj Gupta which heralded the change with a frustrating lack of detail. Absent a response to his request for more information, Russell can only offer educated speculation. He writes:

“Discovery and search are two crucial aspects of the service, which has seen its popularity grow tremendously in recent times. The service is used by all manner of Internet users, but is yet to really hit upon the right approach to provide a fully engaging and personal discovery experience.

Business Insider suggested that the company is pursuing a direction that will see it compete with social aggregation app Flipboard. . . . Twitter’s last significant focus on discovery saw it introduce the ‘Discovery’ tab late last year, in a move aimed at helping to find and better curate content on the service, in a Flipboard-like fashion.”

Is the Flipboard theory correct? Or does Twitter have something entirely different up its sleeve? We should find out soon.

Cynthia Murrell, July 9, 2012

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