aPriori Sees Record Year as Part of PLM Solution

July 10, 2012

Companies across industries are quickly realizing the benefits of product lifecycle management (PLM) not only in saving money but streamlining processes and eliminating waste.  An important component to PLM is product cost management.  This particular software niche of PLM has been growing and profiting like never before according to the Market Watch article, “aPriori Completes Record Fiscal Year”.

A leader in product cost management, aPriori, landed some impressive clients in the last year like Ford and Diebold, as well as doubled their workforce and saw a 52% in revenues.

As far as their role in the PLM process President and CEO of aPriori, Stephanie Feraday, was quoted in the article as saying,

“Effective product cost management has become a core foundation of many manufacturers’ approach to product lifecycle management. The ROI is difficult to ignore. Our team has capitalized on that trend. We’ve established a very solid foundation in Europe, expanded our base in automotive and are able to do more than ever to ensure our customers get maximum value from their aPriori implementation.”

PLM is a complex system designed to work with each industry and each company individually to maximize ROI and production.  Thanks to innovations in technology PLM is now available to small and midsized companies as well as the Fords and Diebolds.  For those companies just beginning their journey with PLM we recommend contacting Inforbix, a true leader in the field, dedicated to offering new data management solutions to companies of all sizes.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 10, 2012


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