XML Specialist Explains Google Book Settlement to Publishers

July 10, 2012

Advertising Profits recently reported on the results of a March webinar poll by the enterprise software company MarkLogic in the article “Mark Logic Delivers Educational Webinar on Google’s Settlement with the Publishing Industry.”

According to the article, attendees of the webinar (with record setting registrations) learned practical ways that organizations can exploit the landmark settlement between Google and book publishers as an extraordinary business opportunity in online publishing.

When highlighting the results from the webinar poll, the article states:

“When asked if their company’s content was in the appropriate format for Google Book Search to ingest/index, 68 percent of respondents said no or not sure. As for how the audience views Google Book Search, 51 percent of respondents saw it as an opportunity for their business and six percent deemed it a threat. 35 percent stated that Google Book Search was both and just eight percent replied neither.”

In addition to the webinar, MarkLogic has made resources available for continued education on the Google Book Search settlement on the company’s Web site.

The is certainly an interesting marketing angle to use XML professonals to explain the intricacies of the Google settlement with publishers.

Jasmine Ashton, July 10, 2012

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