PLM Interest Group Challenges Designers to Go Beyond English

July 11, 2012

Much like the writers of Star Trek PLM developers work off the assumption that the entire universe knows English.  The fact that all PLM solutions are based in the English language drove the PLM Interest Group (PLMIG) to begin the search for a PLM solution that does more than just translate according to the MCAD Café article, “PLMIG calls for Research into ‘Own-Language’ PLM”.

As the article explains of the problem facing PLM solutions around the world:

“The generally-accepted working language for PLM is English, and it has become accepted practice for all non-native English speakers to standardise on English for PLM so that everyone can understand each other. This is a workable solution, but it still represents a tremendous barrier to PLM understanding and adoption in the majority of countries in the world, as well as in large multi-national corporations.”

PLM in general is a complex set of data management techniques and systems that go far deeper than just putting business processes in order.  Providers must remain cognizant of cultural difference within industries as well as remain flexible enough to be relevant in countries around the globe.  Inforbix, a leader in the industry, works hard to help all their clients, regardless of nationality, make the most of their PLM solutions and find new data management solutions that meet their unique needs.

Catherine Lamsfuss, July 11, 2012


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