Siri or Google Voice. Experts Battle. Tears Shed.

July 19, 2012

In a recent article on Search Engine Land, self-appointed experts squabble over the capabilities and accuracy of Siri versus Google Voice.

The study mentioned in the article, “Piper Jaffray ‘Street Test’ of Google vs. Siri Misses the Point,” was completed by Piper Jaffray and gave Google a “B+” and Siri a mere “D.” However, the author of the SEL article argues that the comparison is “apples to oranges” because Siri is not a search engine and should not be judged as such. The article goes on to explain:

“Siri’s mission isn’t to ‘organize all the world’s information.’ Rather Siri has a much more narrow range of functions as an ‘intelligent assistant.’ True, one of those functions is to deliver information in certain circumstances. But nobody involved with Siri would likely argue that it’s a substitute for Google in all but a handful of situations.

That’s mainly because Siri has a quite limited range of datasets that it’s working with, which are admittedly being expanded in iOS 6.”

The arguments continue throughout the article about the fundamental errors of the study and the true capabilities purposes of the two programs.

Yikes. We thought the point of these programs was simply churning shares and getting coverage. What’s with this accuracy stuff? How quickly folks forget the Madoffs and the JP Morgan misstep.

Andrea Hayden, July 19, 2012

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