Did Google Clobber Microsoft or Did Microsoft Clobber Microsoft?

July 21, 2012

I am okay with Google becoming the new Microsoft and IBM. What I find interesting is that the dominance of Google is splashing over the neighbors’ lawns. Navigate to “How Google Clobbers Microsoft.” The story explains that Google has productivity software, better email, smartphones, and social media. Microsoft, on the other hand, has none of these gems.

My view is that Google entered the market for search when other search vendors were chasing portals. Now Google is a portal and an advertising company. The virtues of Google can be translated to one simple business proposition: monetizing eyeballs via advertising.

Microsoft is a software company anchored in MS DOS and the 1980 computer revolution. Google is a different animal, anchored in the Wild West of online advertising. The rules are made in gun fights, city slicker.

Microsoft, in my view, has tried to respond. Due to its management, Microsoft has been its own nemesis. We can attribute many things to Google and Google attributes many things to Google as well. The demise of Microsoft, in my opinion, is due to Microsoft. Google may be one factor, and some Googlers may assert that it is the primary factor. I don’t agree. Advertising and Google’s online services are not killing Microsoft. One needs only look at Microsoft to see the cause of the natural decline of a business entity. Exogenous factors exist. But the trick is to isolate the major factor.

Stephen E Arnold, July 21, 2012

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