Governance Listed as Top Challenge in Enterprise

July 25, 2012

A new Gartner report shows that more SharePoint users are failing in the category of governance than in any other.  SharePoint Joel gives his opinion on governance in, “Governance the #1 Challenge to Managing SharePoint.”

SharePoint Joel begins:

According to Gartner 66% of SharePoint Customers do not believe they have adequate governance. (Based on a recent Gartner survey) Governance can be defined as a set of defined roles, responsibilities, policies, and procedures that will help your company to proactively manage your information technology resources in a way that maximizes business value.

But governance does not have to be an ongoing struggle or an agonizing process.  Third party solutions like Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise can work with an existing SharePoint installation to add efficiency and functionality.  Fabasoft Folio Connector works with Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise to specifically address the issue of governance.

Fabasoft Folio is the standard software product for Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Compliance Management, agile Business Processes and Information Governance. The solution provides uniform, reliable and controlled management of digital content in the enterprise. Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise links Fabasoft Folio for uniform enterprise-wide information access.

Do not continue to struggle with governance issues, allow Fabasoft Mindbreeze and their suite of smart solutions to ease your enterprise troubles.

Emily Rae Aldridge, July 25, 2012

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