Infographic Presents Google Ad Numbers

August 1, 2012

With more on the softening of objectivity, Search Engine Journal presents, “Are Google Ads Winning? A Data-filled Infographic.” The infographic, created with recent data by marketing software vendor WordStream, is generously titled, “The War on Free Clicks: How Pay-per-Click Ads Are Taking Over Google’s Search Engine Results and Why That’s Good for Marketers.” The write up shares:

“Have you noticed all the paid listings and PPC ads that are taking over your Google search results pages? WordStream has, as well. Here’s a quote from Larry Kim, Founder and CTO:

“‘…we did some research to see how those changes impacts where users click on Google search results. The results were astonishing: Clicks from paid search now outnumber clicks from organic (un-paid) search listings by nearly 2:1 for high commercial intent keyword searches in the USA.'”

Yes, good for marketers. The trend could also be good for the rest of us if, as the infographic suggests, business manipulate “organic” results less as their outright advertising performs better. It would be a nod to honesty, though, if Google more noticeably separated out the paid results at the top of the page; the panda- and penguin- laden infographic says that nearly half of users can’t identify the paid ads unless separated into a right-hand column. I humbly suggest a difference in font. Simple, right?

Anyone interested in the paid ad versus optimization issue should check out this annotated image. At the very least, the pandas and penguins should keep you entertained for a minute or two.

Cynthia Murrell,August 1, 2012

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