Oracle Report Exposes Gaps in Data Management Solutions

August 10, 2012

It might be easy to assume that since big data has received so much attention of late and big data analytics solutions are popping out of the woodwork companies across all industries would be sitting pretty when it comes to data management.  A recent Oracle survey described in the Information Week article, “Oracle Big Data Study Shows Longtime Pain”, tells quite a different story.

As the article explains,

“The study’s report-card-style scorecard revealed that only 8% of respondents gave their organization an A grade and 32% a B on ‘preparedness for a data deluge.’ Meanwhile, 48% of respondents gave their organization a C or below on ‘translating information into actionable information,’ 47% said they deserved a C or less on ‘distributing timely information,’ and 39% said they deserved a C or less on ‘reporting on information.’”

These scores and the situations and conditions they represent should be an eye-opener to the PLM industry.  Traditional data management solutions are not cutting it anymore and new data management systems are either not reaching companies or they are not implemented correctly.  One solution that we support is Inforbix which offers “tools (we call them product apps) that help people quickly and easily aggregate, access, find, and expose data in their company.” We are convinced that Inforbix is one of the PLM solutions on the market that ‘get’ what today’s PLM consumers need and then provide it.

Catherine Lamsfuss, August 10, 2012

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