Administrative Options in SharePoint 2013

August 16, 2012

The blog world is buzzing with analysis of the public preview of SharePoint 2013.  The Cloudshare Community Blog specifically breaks down the issues of administrative options in their post, “Administration Options in SharePoint 2013 with CloudShare!

There are many things to show with SharePoint 2013, but I have decided to start with a basic one: how to administer the platform. In this article I will show you the available approaches you have to handle administrative tasks for SharePoint 2013. These approaches are essentially the same as in SharePoint 2010 with one big exception: you are not supposed to use (or even see!) the Stsadm command line tool that is now considered as deprecated.

It seems at this point the SharePoint world would be tired of the concept of customization, but apparently not yet.  It seems like for every efficiency issue in SharePoint, the answer is customization.  This is of course despite the fact that Microsoft does not want customers customizing SharePoint 2013.  But how could a user possibly get around it, as SharePoint is still far from perfect?

The answer lies in smart third party solutions that can be added to an existing SharePoint infrastructure.  A product like Fabasoft Mindbreeze Enterprise can streamline processes with its intuitive interface, specifically designed to meet users’ needs where SharePoint lags.  Additionally, Fabasoft Mindbreeze releases smart and frequent updates, preventing the drama and hassle of huge and infrequent overhauls.

Emily Rae Aldridge, August 16, 2012

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