A Plan to Save the Manufacturing Industry

August 17, 2012

During the most recent economic collapse many industries have been hard hit. Pair that with an increasingly globalized and outsourced workforce, many worry that some industries will not make the cut. Brookings.edu recently reported on new proposals in Congress that seek to save the manufacturing industry and resuscitate the economy in the article, “Providence for Manufacturing: The Cicilline Plan”.
The article references a paper by John Hudak that argues Congressman David Cicilline’s (D-RI) Make it in America Block Grant Program Act deserves far more attention than it is currently receiving. In addition to demonstrating the challenges the manufacturing industry has faced over the last decade, Hudak explains why Cicilline’s plan is a potentially effective solution to help the manufacturing industry rebound, as well as the political obstacles that are keeping it from passing.
The article states:
“Americans want to see action to help struggling manufacturers. A recent survey by the American Alliance for Manufacturing showed that 53 percent of those polled rated manufacturing as the most important sector of the economy and noted that a large majority of Americans want assistance provided. The Block Grant Program offers a critical, cost-effective, common sense solution to this serious economic problem. Economic recovery in the United States depends on a thriving, healthy manufacturing sector and resources must be targeted achieve that goal.”
While implementing new legislation is one way of reinvigorating the manufacturing industry, there is another way that Hudak has overlooked. Inforbix designs easy to use, cloud based, apps specifically for the manufacturing industry. This company’s affordable solutions help manufacturers more efficient by allowing them to quickly find and access their information and make the most of that data.
Jasmine Ashton, August 17, 2012
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