Oracle Gets Some Open Source Love

August 17, 2012

Oracle is introducing another upgrade according to the Technews article “Oracle Announces Update to Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse.” This new design time tool will be for Oracle Application Development Framework the standards based, strategic framework for Oracle Fusion Applications and Oracle Fusion Middleware.

Just as previous packs, this one will offer Oracle’s latest steps to compete with open source search:

“This package offers enhancements for developing secure Web Services. The release is the first to support Eclipse Juno and provides new JAX-WS design-time features for developers targeting both the Oracle Web Services Manager and Oracle WebLogic Server service security stacks. Oracle Enterprise Pack for Eclipse is a free set of Eclipse-based plug-ins that enables developers to build Java EE, Web Service, Cloud, Spring and Oracle ADF applications for the Oracle Fusion Middleware platform.”

A package that contains this many improvements cannot be developed over night. The amount of time spent and cost of coders alone must have been monumental. Open source search continues to grow and evolve, so it makes sense that Oracle would make attempts to evolve as well. Still, the continual addition of user packs will become monotonous over time.

Oracle is getting a little Open Source love, but they could use a lot more. How long will it be before Oracle embraces open source search in order to chop off the brutal costs of maintaining and enhancing proprietary search systems?

Jennifer Shockley, August 17, 2012

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