Latest Version of TemaTres Vocabulary Server

August 18, 2012

Version 1.5 of the open-source vocabulary server TemaTres and ISO 25964-1 can now be downloaded here. A number of enhancements in this version aim to extend the configuration possibilities and specialization of controlled vocabularies. On new relationship management capabilities, the description states:

“Allow create user-defined relationships:

“By default, includes the following sub-types of relationships: hierarchical partitive, Hierarchical instance, Spelling variant, Abbreviation, Full form of the term. It allows creation of unlimited sub??-types of relationships.

“Manage relationships between terms and other web entities:

“Set relations between terms and other resources available online. Allows mapping relationships with other vocabularies, or other web resources.
“Includes types of relationships editor for creating new types of relationships. By default include: broadMatch, broadMatch, exactMatch, majorMatch, minorMatch, narrowMatch. These types of relationships are recognized by the skos-core engine as valid to be mapped in skos-core.”

The ability to export to WordPress XML has been added, and users can now define hidden labels. As of this version, the SKOS Core engine recognizes the following as valid note types for mapping: DEF (definition note), ED (editorial note), EX (example), and CH (change note.)

TemaTres data can also be exported in the following formats: Zthes, TopicMap, Dublin Core, MADS, BS8723-5, RSS, SiteMap, txt, and SQL.

Cynthia Murrell, August 18, 2012

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