Site Search Advice from Econsultancy

August 20, 2012

Econsultancy has some good advice for online retailers in “Site Search Results Pages: Examples and Best Practices.” It is an interesting presentation of how to make search results pages sell. Blogger Graham Charlton introduces the topic:

“Once users have found the search box and entered their product query, the most important aspect is the speed and accuracy of the search results.

“There is a lot that retailers can do on search results pages to enhance the user experience and make the route from search to purchase as smooth as possible.

“Here are some examples, good and bad, from retailers, as well as some tips to improve the user experience.”

The first two pieces of advice demonstrate the common-sense posture behind the post: results pages should load quickly, and the results should be accurate. Other good suggestions include: use a spell checker, order results by relevancy, and include product information on the results page. Charlton elaborates on each suggestion, and screenshots from real retail sites help illustrate his points. Much of this could be considered obvious, but at the least it makes for a good checklist.

Econsultancy is a membership-based digital marketing community that provides a form for ecommerce pros. The company also creates reports, offers training services, and performs marketing experiments.

Cynthia Murrell, August 20, 2012

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