Not All Subscribe to Big Data Hype

August 21, 2012

Anyone who’s been paying attention knows that big data is everyone’s next big thing, right? Not so fast. Computerworld enlightens us, declaring that “Most Firms Have No Big Data Plans, Survey Finds. ” Writer Lucas Mearian points to the latest iteration of an annual survey from market-research outfit TheInfoPro. Each year, its Technology Heat Index Survey polls hundreds of IT pros about their plans. This year’s results show that 56% of the 255 respondents see no big data analytics in their futures. The write up reports:

“Survey respondents with no plans to roll out Hadoop or other big data analytics software said doing so requires a specific business case, and in most instances they didn’t see a need for it, according to Marco Coulter, managing director of TheInfoPro’s Cloud Computing Practice. . . .

“Coulter said those companies rolling out big data analytics tend to be in the financial services and healthcare arena, where great amounts of data can be boiled down to reveal trends and best practices.”

You mean people are actually examining their needs before jumping on a bandwagon? Imagine that.

The article shares several more survey findings; check it out for full details. One example—server virtualization was found (again) to be considered the leading driver of capacity growth; 67% of those surveyed revealed that 80% -100% of their production servers connect to a Fibre Channel storage area network (SAN). The survey also found a leap in organizations planning to deploy solid state drive (SSD) technology, from just 7% last year to 37% this time around.

Not surprisingly, many respondents are having to make due with tightening budgets. Some things are nigh universal, I suppose.

Cynthia Murrell, August 21, 2012

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