Bottlenose Offers Real Time Social Media Search

September 17, 2012

Venture Beat recently reported on the new social media search engine, Bottlenose, in the article, “Move Over Google, Bottlenose Launches Search Engine for the ‘Now’ Era.”

According to the article, Bottlenose has spent the last two years perfecting its advanced solution. It is search for social networks and aims to organize the world’s attention by creating a filter that finds, sorts, and organizes the social updates of the greatest importance, as they happen, around any given query.

When explaining how it works, the article states:

“Bottlenose, which runs atop a javascript and HTML5 platform, spits out a “Now” page for every query that includes top stories, trending topics related to the subject, trending people, images, recent links, and fresh comments from social networks. Spivack likens the pages to Wikipedia entries, except that Bottlenose pages are automatically edited based on what the crowd is sharing. The pages will also appear in search engines, exposing Bottlenose’s brainpower and its ever-changing pages to the traditional searchers of the world.”

While Bottlenose has a lot to offer, it is going to take a lot to convince consumers and professionals that it offers more than just the run-of-the-mill search experience.

Jasmine Ashton, September 17, 2012

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