LinkedIn Introduces Notifications a la Facebook

September 20, 2012

Is LinkedIn poised to push Facebook aside? Not exactly, but Wired declares that “Facebook Won’t Like this LinkedIn News.” Journalist Ryan Tate explains that LinkedIn has recently begun adding notifications—the site will soon let users know if someone has viewed their profile or “liked” something they’ve shared. The feature looks remarkably similar to such functionality on Facebook, he says.

Tate wondered why the jobs-focused site would deliberately add in anything distracting. Then he ponders the forces behind such developments asMicrosoft‘s acquisition of Yammer and‘s purchase of Rypple, both of which can provide a wealth of distraction to workers. Also, he observes that corporations have embraced social media in all its glory as a way to grow their businesses and share information. He writes:

“Linkedin is trying to graduate from a simple resumé-and-headhunting site into something big — Facebook big — in a sector where increased communication pays real dividends, and not just for advertisers. LinkedIn’s ambitions are no doubt stoked by enthusiasm from Wall Street, which has bid up LinkedIn stock 36 percent since the company’s May 2011 IPO. Since Facebook went public in mid May, LinkedIn stock has climbed 14 percent, compared to a decline of 51 percent for Facebook shares. LinkedIn is now worth nearly one-third as much as Facebook in the eyes of the stock market.”

The article does note that LinkedIn is not (so far) competing directly with Facebook, which has yet to specifically target office relationships. However, if they ever decide to pursue that market, Facebook may find that LinkedIn has it all locked up.

Cynthia Murrell, September 20, 2012

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