Salesforce Incorporates Coveo Enterprise Search

September 22, 2012

ITWorldCanada announces, “Coveo Brings Enterprise Search to” The Canadian company will contribute its indexing engine and business intelligence tools to the cloud. Coveo for Salesforce, which can pull together, index, and analyze unstructured data from multiple sources, will be fully integrated into the popular online customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

The write up tells us:

“Louis Tetu, CEO of Coveo, said the product  is the first tool of its kind that is integrated directly into Salesforce. ‘We are enabling an entirely new paradigm to federate information on demand,’ he said. ‘And that paradigm means that we don’t have to move data, we’re just pointing…secure indexes to that information.’

“Users of the technology that need information delivered in real-time, such as customer-facing companies, will be able to get it rapidly — within 100 milliseconds —  he added. This will help solve the common problem of consumers dealing with contact centres that cannot pull up their information in a reasonable period of time.”

Yes, that is a real plus. Tetu went on to emphasize that this is no small development– his company has conquered the considerable challenges of operating securely in the cloud. He mentions they also make a special effort to ensure new users can dive in as easily as possible.

Coveo was founded in 2005 by some members of the team which developed Copernic Desktop Search. Coveo takes pride in solutions that are agile and easy to use yet scalable, fast, and efficient.

Cynthia Murrell, September 22, 2012

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