LucidWorks Growth Focuses on the User Experience and Search Features

September 27, 2012

We recently commented on the Forbes’ article titled, “LucidWorks: Bringing Search to Big Data” and the rising usage of Lucene/Solr technology across dominating companies such as Netflix, AT&T, and Twitter. The same article also brings to light the fact that the world of data is shifting from mainly numbers to one that is essentially text-based, thanks to outlets such as social networking.

This is where LucidWorks enters. The company is aware that the Web search box is the key to helping any and all users find the information they are looking for, even if they are inept at programming language. This transition will be bringing Big Data to a larger audience with easy-to-use search features. LucidWorks knows search technology is where Big Data needs to focus and the company plans on becoming the leader for this enterprise. Strides in this direction were made in May with the launch of a big data beta project, LucidWorks Big Data, which certifies and integrates Apache open source components to develop and manage big data applications.

We learn about the company’s plan and focus on user-experience in the article:

“‘Users are missing from the big data conversation,’ argues [Grant Ingersoll, Chief Scientist for LucidWorks.] Paying attention to what users are doing helps improve the real-time, ad-hoc access to the data by improving relevance and search results. The analysis of users’ interaction with the system could also provide, as an interesting by-product, new insights about the business. In other words, what your employees do with your data may tell you a whole lot about how your business is functioning and even where it’s heading.’”

Created in 2008 as Lucid Imagination, the team is adept at managing and developing in the ever-shifting enterprise search marketplace. Changing the company’s business model to become innovators in the open source technology realm and now tackling the global emphasis on Big Data, the developers are aware of what needs to be done to fully contribute and make an impact in the expanding market. With a commitment to innovation and user-experience, we agree with Forbes about the future of LucidWorks:

“LucidWorks may represent a new wave of change, using search—the first ‘killer app’ of the Web—to unlock the value of enterprises’ much expanded big data stores and overflowing organizational memories.”

We are anxious to watch the company continue to grow and become leaders in search, content processing, and Big Data analytics.

Andrea Hayden, September 27, 2012

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