GoodData Has More Offerings for Business Analytics

October 1, 2012

GoodData has already made a name for itself by offering SaaS cloud service that also provides its users with a healthy batch of big data analytics. Gigaom reports that, “GoodData Targets Big Business Data With New Offering.” The new service is called GoodData Bashes and it allows users handling marketing, sales, or subscription data to connect the sources into one analytics tool. The primary purpose of GoodData Bashes is to be a simplistic data analytics to the business world.

Even if everything referring to analytics these days is tied to big data, GoodData is actually doing it:

“And despite some reservation over the overuse of the term “big data,” that’s exactly what GoodData is doing — even if its customers don’t know it. As they connect more data sources and expect deeper, faster analytics, GoodData has to step up its operations. Stanek said his company’s infrastructure, which runs on the Amazon Web Services cloud-computing platform, handles about 20,000 data feeds per day from its 6,000-plus customers. GoodData is running Hadoop, in-memory databases, analytics software and everything else necessary to ingest, process, analyze and visualize data so customers don’t have to.”

Cloud computing is an essential part of GoodData’s plan to give its users real-time analytics. Most big data plans are heading in the cloud direction as mobile access grows in higher demand. It means more streams of opportunity to tap into generating more profit.

Whitney Grace, October 01, 2012

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