Semantic Search May have Google on the Offensive

October 2, 2012

Search Engine Watch follows the latest in the world of search and they are filling us in on the latest competition to Google, Wolfram|Alpha’s Siri.  Some see semantic search as the future, with Siri being the leader of that particular parade.  Google may therefore be in jeopardy of becoming outdated and irrelevant.  Read the full analysis in “Is Google Afraid of the Big Bad Wolfram?”

The article also gives a good introduction to the new buzz term semantic web:

Search experts have been talking up the ‘semantic web’ for years and no doubt you will have read about how it will ‘transform the landscape.’ For those that have not yet had had the pleasure, let’s explain the basics of what it really means.

While semantic web has many facets, intrinsically it is about organizing data in a way that helps understand the user intent behind a search query. It makes that process easier by mapping things like the relationship between words and phrases to ‘entities’ (people, places, etc). The word semantics literally means ‘the study of meaning.’

So is semantic search important and how can it benefit your organization?  Yes, the future is moving toward semantics.  But there are ways to incorporate semantic search into your web presence without your own personal army of developers or spending a fortune on an outsourced solution.  Fabasoft Mindbreeze brings semantic search to your web presence through its InSite web site search.  Insite is immediately ready to use as a Cloud service and can bring your organization into the latest search technology without the customary pain and suffering.

Emily Rae Aldridge, October 2, 2012

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