New App Allows Users to Search Without Effort

October 3, 2012

CNET News has the latest news on an iPad search app, “MindMeld Voice and Video App Instantly Anticipates Your Needs.”  Expect Labs created the new MindMeld app (not the Vulcan mind trick from Star Trek), but it acts in a similar manner.  Using only vocal conversation MindMeld provides instant contextual information related to the speakers’ conversation.  For instance, if two Star Trek fans were discussing if Kirk or Picard was the better captain, MindMeld would have several windows with data about the captains pop up
MindMeld’s purpose is simple:

“The idea here, Tuttle said, is that MindMeld is at the forefront of the kind of technology that will surround us everywhere in a few years and that will be always on and constantly paying attention in order to serve up information when we want it, or possibly even before we know we want it.”

MindMeld must rely on user input for the time being, but the goal is that during a video call users will not have to type anything into the app.  It will provide information based on what users talk about and when they tap the screen looking for information.  Expect Labs has the lead here, but vocal software has always presented problems.  MindMeld will need to be tested for relevancy and accuracy as well.  Machines cannot read minds yet.

Whitney Grace, October 03, 2012

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