Autonomy Releases Policy Management Solution

October 4, 2012

A new solution for policy management has been launched by HP’s Autonomy, according to the article “New Autonomy Solution Helps Automate Policy Management” on Compliance Week. The product, HP TRIM 7.3, integrates Autonomy ControlPoint with records management to allow organizations to automatically apply policy based on meaning to structured as well as unstructured data. This release will give companies the power to understand and make use of the concepts and ideas within their data.

We learn more about the features in the article:

“The new features of HP TRIM 7.3 and Autonomy ControlPoint 3.0 are built on Autonomy’s Intelligent Data Operating Layer (IDOL) platform, which allow organizations to identify the location and compliance status of their information assets, and then apply the correct organizational policy. The policy includes security, storage, and retention settings for each asset. This enables organizations to achieve a new level of governance by removing the significant burden of traditional manual approaches.”

The solution also allows customers to identify, classify, and manage business records and mitigate risk by applying policy to content across multiple repositories. As Big Data overwhelms, businesses would be wise to employ such an effective data management solution. More information about TRIM can be found here.

Andrea Hayden, October 04, 2012

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