Google Maps: A Prelude to Broader Predictive Search

October 4, 2012

Short honk. Google’s MoreThanaMap subsite signals an escalation in the map wars. You will want to review the information at The subsite presents the new look of Google’s more important features and services. The demonstrations are front and center.The focus is on visualization of mashed up data; that is, compound displays. The real time emphasis is clear as swell. The links point to developers and another “challenge.” It is clear that Google wants to make it desirable for programmers and other technically savvy individuals to take advantage of Google’s mapping capabilities. After a few clicks, Google has done a good job of making clear that findability and information access shift a map from a location service to a new interface.

Several observations:

First, Google wants to keep its mapping capabilities front and center. Second, the challenges iPhone’s native maps present to some users is a subtext in this subsite. Third, Google Maps are important. Google does not connect the dots to voice search, online advertising, and predictive information display. The “global community” approach underscores Google’s desire to wrap the glob with its maps and overlaying and predicting technologies. Those aspects of MoreThanaMap will become available as Google nudges its Maps forward. Interesting stuff.

Stephen E Arnold, October 4, 2012


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