Semantic Technology Solutions Beneficial for Life Science

October 5, 2012

Another interesting and highly beneficial use of semantics in the medical field has been discussed recently, according to the article “Using Semantic Technology to Find ‘Green Fields’ in Life Science” on SemanticWeb. The article tells us that the life science industry has needed improved research technology to help discover new opportunities for drug candidates, and Code-N Technology is stepping up. The new cloud-based software will allow chemists to find “green fields” of opportunities by performing concept-based searches.

The article informs us of the specific need for this type of technology:

“‘According to Forbes Magazine, drug lead discovery is stalled because it takes 10 to 16 years and costs between $4 billion and $11 billion to create a successful new drug. And according to the Wall Street Journal, the pharmaceutical industry will lose $35 billion this year due to patent expirations. Code-N has acted to help alleviate these problems by providing next-generation software based on the open-architecture data model adopted by the pharmaceutical industry, which will speed up drug discovery and deliver cures faster.’”

We think this response to Big Data problems in the highly competitive and data-dense pharmaceutical field is innovative. We look forward to seeing more similar cloud computing solutions come forward to make the mass of data more accessible to allow for swift advances in the medical field.

Andrea Hayden, October 05, 2012

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