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October 6, 2012

We’ve found a free utility that might be useful to some of our readers. DataCleaner 3.0 is an open source data quality management tool from the European company Human Inference. The company describes the product here; the press release explains:

“In all modesty, we think that with DataCleaner 3 we are redefining ‘the premier open source data quality solution’. With DataCleaner 3 we’ve embraced a whole new functional area of data quality, namely data monitoring.
“Traditionally, DataCleaner has its roots in data profiling. In the former years, we’ve added several related additional functions: transformations, data cleansing, duplicate detection and more. With data monitoring we basically deliver all of the above, but in a continuous environment for analyzing, improving and reporting on your data. Furthermore, we will deliver these functions in a centralized web-based system.”

The solution is designed to continuously monitor, improve, and share data; at its core is their strong data profiling engine that analyzes data quality. The team incorporated many upstream improvements from dependent projects. A “completeness analyzer” points out records with incomplete fields, while enhanced search-replace and a text case converter help make analysis easier. Results can be exported into professional quality HTML reports. They have also, they say, built a user interface that is helpful and pleasant to use.

With offices in the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium, Human Inference uses natural language processing to build their data quality solutions. Their client roster includes some familiar names, like ING Financial, The New York Times, and logistics firm DHL.

Cynthia Murrell, October 06, 2012

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