Content Targeting for Optimum Digital Customer Experiences

October 12, 2012

With so many possible outlets for engaging customers via digital resources, it may be difficult for companies to find the right mix of services for their digital initiatives. In “Eight Areas You’ll Invest in for Great Digital Customer Experiences” on the CRM Blog, we learn about steps brands are taking to deliver the best customer experiences with available digital resources.

A recent Forrester survey of Web content management (WCM) professionals shows that the focus is on mobile content delivery, video streaming, email tools, and content targeting.

The article elaborates on the importance of content targeting for authenticated users:

“WCM vendors have been pushing hard their vision and capabilities to help deliver customized and personalized content using their systems, and many are already providing strong capabilities in this area. For many marketers and content pros, however, the technical capacity of a WCM system to manage and deliver targeted content to customers, prospects, and partners is outstripping marketers’ ability to take advantage of it. This can be complex. You need a plan. You need people responsible for the execution of the plan. It’s an ongoing commitment.”

The challenge of content targeting and authentication is a key business information concern.  A critical difference exists between enterprise information used to drive business decisions and Web content targeting that drives ads. A capable vendor, such as Intrafind, can help enterprises invest strategically to meet this challenge.  Intrafind’s Topic Finder, for example, automatically filters and manages these kinds of information streams.

Andrea Hayden, October 12, 2012

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