PolySpot Releases New Administrative Console

October 17, 2012

PolySpot’s latest video explains the features and functions of Version 6 of its Administration Console. With this latest release, PolySpot leapfrogs of the administrative interfaces available from many other vendors. PolySpot Information At Work includes a configuration and administration console that covers the entire process, from connector management to search service creation.

The company has provided a video demonstrating the uses of this new administrative console and detailing these high-value enhancement; for example, the ability to configure views with a click, modify the document view with a single click, and autocomplete.

PolySpot, leader in information access solutions, has released a brand new administration console as part of the company’s infrastructure component, Information at Work. Information at Work is a cost-effective component that can help users develop applications to access the information they need.

The updated console provides quick and easy-to-use intermodule navigation with new navigation menus and focuses on providing guidance during the workflow of configuration. Other features of the interface include:

PolySpot Silo Breaker: Distributed data extraction framework.

PolySpot Sense Builder: Dedicated, asynchronous structuring and semantic enrichment platform.

PolySpot SearchMart: Service based on PolySpot InfoWarehouse used to publish index-linked search services. Can be accessed via a range of different applications using an XML/HTTP API.

The video can be viewed here. We think the video demonstration is useful and worth checking out.

Andrea Hayden, October 17, 2012

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One Response to “PolySpot Releases New Administrative Console”

  1. Olivier MICHEL on October 17th, 2012 10:43 am

    We’re so proud of our achievement!
    Thanks Andrea for sharing this.

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