Effective Knowledge Management Requires Enterprise Search

October 18, 2012

In our highly-wired society where nearly everyone is connected all day, every day, it would seem that knowledge management would assist people in becoming more creative while collaborating with one another. However, a recent Taking AIIM blog post, “Take Knowledge Management with a Grain of Salt, Else You’re Better off Stoned,” tells us otherwise. The post informs us of a recent study by Princeton and Stanford University psychologists that reveals people can become addicted to research to the point where their decisions and actions are inhibited.

The post goes on to elaborate on another study with similar results:

“Not enough for you?  Seven years ago, an article ran in NewScientist.  It highlights a study done at  King’s College London, that showed  in today’s business setting, marked by emails, smart phone connections,– the connected 24×7 reality of today, the average IQ of an individual drops by about 10 points.  The study went on to conclude, (and this is my favorite part), ‘Even smoking dope has less effect on your ability to concentrate on the task in hand.’”

Knowledge management is obviously powerful, but requires one to step back and consider available options and information. Enterprise search is a key ingredient to knowledge management and Intrafind offers some of best in class best practices for secure searching that offers semantic linking and intelligent tagging.

Andrea Hayden, October 18, 2012

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