Oracle Offers Integrated Big Data Engine

October 18, 2012

You need a big database engine and a lot of hardware so you can converge lots of big data. At least, that’s what Oracle hopes we will believe.‘s reports, OpenWorld: Oracle Touts Converged Approach for Big Data.”

OpenWorld includes both hardware and software made to work together. This sort of integration is, after all, what Oracle has historically done best. The write up reports on comments from Oracle’s Balaji Yelamanchili:

“Yelamanchili explained that with the advent of in-memory analysis, which stores data in RAM rather than on a platter-based disk drive, appliances are able to operate on an exponentially faster magnitude without raising costs or sacrificing capacity. The Exalytics system stores up to 1TB of data in memory while running up to four Intel Xeon E7 processors. . . .

“Additionally, the company said that firms will benefit from combining the Exalytics platform with its ExaData server platform. Oracle has designed the two systems to connect via on-board Infiniband high-speed connections.”

This may be the right approach for businesses that can afford it. And that actually see a need for a powerful big-data engine. No doubt many companies fall into that column, and Oracle does tend to build reliable products.

However, Oracle president Mark Hurd seems to think every organization should want to buy his company’s system; “the data is coming whether you like it or not,” he says. Hmm. Is a state of alarm really a good place from which to make financial decisions?

Cynthia Murrell, October 18, 2012

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